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taptalk case study

Client: PT. Tap Talk Teknologi

PT. Tap Talk Teknologi is a Business Chat Solution startup. Their goal is to improve businesses' customer service and leads with the power of the chat platforms. They provide an Omnichannel Chat platform, WhatsApp Business API, Chat SDK, and OTP WhatsApp to their clients.
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Overview & Brief

Like every Startup, they want to have an online presence through Google with SEO efforts. They start assign somebody to handle blogs and hope that you start ranking in every keyword in Google.

After a year of SEO efforts from the internal team, they didn't get the expected results. They have lots of content but very few keywords ranked and get a position on the first page of Google.

In December 2020, Grow&Bless got in touch with PT. Tap Talk Teknologi and we agree worked together.

Objective & Goals

  • Get Organic Traffic Growth
  • Leads from Organic Traffic
  • Increase brand awareness

How We've Done:

1#, Website Optimization

So what TapTalk do wrong with its SEO efforts? Most Tech startups start building their website from scratch. It looks good in their eyes and users but didn't look good in google's eyes.

Their website setup is client-side rendering (CSR), and google reads only a block of code without any information. This makes the backlink efforts didn't wasted.

So, we asked them to switch into Server-Side Rendering (SSR).
website optimization
SEO for taptalk

2#, Search Engine Optimization

After the website is ready, we start our SEO campaign: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO.

Building monthly content, start building relevancy, and Off-site campaign with the help of Indonesia Nasional Media Backlink.

We understand the competition is fierce in this industry, that's why we custom their campaign with Indonesia Nasional Media Backlink which gives the most power as a backlink.

3#, Search Engine Marketing

Setting up the Search Engine Marketing through Google Ads Search to increase Brand awareness.

We helped them setup Google Ads campaign to get potential leads from this industry search queries.

What we helped them: create and Ads copy, multiple campaign targeted multiple keywords, setup conversion tracking, and setup correct target audiences.
Google Ads Services Campaign
case study result taptalk

The Result?

  • Within 6 months their traffic jumped from 300 visitors a month to 20k visitors per month.
  • They got an online presence and better branding through National Media.
  • Main keywords already on 1st page of Google: WhatsApp API, WhatsApp Business API, Omnichannel, OTP WhatsApp, OTP WA, and many more

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