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PT. Charis Bangun Indonesia
PT. Charis Bangun Indonesia is a Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Contractor in Indonesia or called "kontraktor MEP". They started this company in December 2020 and they want to have an online presence as soon as possible.
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After starting to have a legal entity in December 2020, PT. Charis Bangun Indonesia thinks they need to have a website for their business. Building a simple website is easy, but how about getting leads from the website?

After a discussion, we agree to help them set up an online presence through SEO and SEM to build their business.

Well, the Good news is their competitor hasn't understood the power of SEO.
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First Step: Website Design

To get better SEO results, the website needs to be optimized from On-Page SEO and Technical SEO. Without these two the results will be delayed.

Previously their website was built on WIX and we help move it to WordPress for better speed and management. Please note WIX sites is able to rank as well in Google, however, we prefer WordPress to improve the sites.

After setup every on-page SEO, and technical SEO on the site. The website is ready to go with some content.
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Search Engine Optimization

Google loves content, and we play with their game. We make sure to enter lots of content on the inner content, good relevancy, and good internal linking.

We optimize Google My Business, start a link-building campaign and then put Some SEM to boost their traffic at the initial stage.
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The Results

Remember what our previous information: the competitor hasn't realized the power of SEO? That is what exactly happened with PT. Charis Bangun Indonesia. We only need to build some content to reach page 1 of Google.

Main keywords already on 1st Page of Google: Kontraktor MEP, kontraktor mekanikal elektrikal, kontraktorl mekanikal elektrikal jakarta, and many more

psst.. Now they got leads from Google Search Everyday.

Ready to dominate the first page of Google

From the dedicated SEO strategist to creative web designer, we have the people who can plan and execute the right plan for your business
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